BEST OF BRI-KO Takes Audience Participation a Step Too Far

Upon exiting Stage 773’s THE BEST OF BRI-KO it was unsettling to have to check that I was not tracking mushed lettuce into the carpeted lobby. This vegetable was just one of many unlikely props wielded by three actors as they explored status and relationship in this hour-long silent sketch show.

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Neo-Futurists Name Late Night Show
Pictured: Audience featuring Kurt Chiang. Photo by Evan Hanover. The Neo-Futurists in Chicago, along with the New York and the San Francisco companies, have announced the new name of their late night shows, following founder Greg Allen’s revocation of the trademark license for Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind last November.... Read more
Porchlight Music Theatre Announces 17/18 Season
Michael Weber, artistic director of Porchlight Music Theatre, is proud to announce Porchlight Music Theatre’s 2017 – 2018 season which includes mainstage production of BILLY ELLIOT, MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG and MEMPHIS and the continuation of Porchlight Revisits and New Faces Sing Broadway. Porchlight Mainstage and Porchlight Revisits productions... Read more
Lookingglass Announces 30th Season and Featured Casting

Ensemble Member David Schwimmer will return to direct a Kevin Douglas’ world premiere comedy PLANTATION!

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New Colony’s SCAPEGOAT Has Its Cast and Production Team

The New Colony has announced the cast and production team for the world premiere of Connor McNamara’s SCAPEGOAT; OR (WHY THE DEVIL ALWAYS LOVED US).

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Spiel Chicago Episode Fourteen: Loose Chicks (Roberta Miles and Holly Beaudry)

SPIEL CHICAGO is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the progressive and thoughtful work of women in Chicago theater.

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THE COLUMNIST Struggles to Engage

Joseph Alsop (Philip Earl Johnson), our journalist protagonist, as a character draws similarities to Kushner’s’ Roy Cohn, but is not pathetically endearing or despicably hypocritical or even conflicted enough to hold the fascination that Kushner’s’ depiction of Roy creates. There is little urgency for this character and nothing particularly captivating about him.

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Lori Myers’ 10 Wishes for Your Own House

I have been waiting for the right time to approach a new change for Not In Our House Chicago Theatre Community … and I think the time is now.

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Steppenwolf Welcomes New Ensemble Member

Steppenwolf Theatre Company Artistic Director Anna D. Shapiro announced today the addition of a new ensemble member.

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Teatro Vista Adds Managing Director and Six Ensemble Members
Pictured: Ayssette Muñoz Teatro Vista Executive Artistic Director Ricardo Gutiérrez announced Friday the addition of six artists to the company’s ensemble, along with the appointment of a new Managing and Development Director, Sylvia Hevia. Hevia has a 15+ year track producing Latinx cultural events, including through her own multicultural event production... Read more