Cast Announced for Midsommer’s AS YOU LIKE IT
Casting has been announced for AS YOU LIKE IT directed by Midsommer Flight’s Founder and Producing Artistic Director Beth Wolf. Featuring: Charlee Cotton (Celia), Emily Demko (Rosalind), Eric Duhon (Orlando), Richard Eisloeffel (Silvius), Adam Gianforte (Le Beau, Lord/Musician, Jaques de Boys), Sonia Goldberg (Corin, Lady at Court), Adam Habben (Touchstone),... Read more
JOHANNA FAUSTUS Is a Cloudy Adaptation

Armed with innovative storytelling tools, the Hypocrites can transport you through time and space with simple, committed magic, often leaving the wizardry at the tip of their fingers to ignite whenever they wish. It is no surprise they present epic stories in a modern, easy-to-connect-with style.

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DEATH AND HOUDINI Still Daring as Hell

At the House, they take great care of their audience. I usually shrink down in my seat at the thought of audience participation, but under Nathan Allen’s direction and Watkins’ mastery, to participate feels like we might be in on the trick.

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Hilarious ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS Is Not to Be Missed

Richard Bean’s ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS—based on the 18th-century commedia dell’arte play The Servent of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni—is a laugh-out-loud, silly, whip-crack smart comedy, and probably the most fun I’ve had at the theater in a long time.

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Michael Warrell and Lisa Kuhnen in CPA Productions’ DAPHNE’S SUNSET. Photo by Jenny Anderson. Underscore Theatre Company has announced the full line-up for its third annual CHICAGO MUSICAL THEATRE FESTIVAL, featuring 14 new musical productions. Created to showcase and support Chicago’s burgeoning field of musical theatre creators, this year’s festival will be held August 9 –... Read more
Caroline Neff Joins Steep’s WASTWATER
Caroline Neff joins Peter Moore, Melissa Riemer, Nick Horst, Kendra Thulin, Joel Boyd, Richard Costes, Bernadette Santos Schwegel, and Allison Anderson in Steep Theatre’s upcoming U.S. Premiere of WASTWATER. Neff, a Steep company member, was recently named to the Steppenwolf ensemble. WASTWATER is written by Tony Award winner and... Read more
Passionate Actors Drive HAYMARKET

Underscore Theatre Company has put a beast of a show together in this world premiere musical/song cycle about this defining moment in the labor movement and Chicago history.

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Women’s Voices in Storefront Theater

Are we creating a culture where men working in the arts are encouraged to dream and build things and women working in the arts are encouraged to straighten up the house and make sure the electric bill is paid on time?

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TWISTED KNOTS Delivers Honest Laughs

Unlike today, the working men of the 60s were not allowed to display vulnerability in their careers or marriage. This play revisits the era of yesterday in a modern setting where men believe they must always excel without fail in every aspect of life, especially career and family. Frank Mormon, a salesman on the brink of a midlife crisis, allows his neurotic superstitions to render him incapable of having the sexiest of New Year’s Eve celebrations with his prostitute for hire, who we quickly discover is his role playing wife. Dale Danner’s TWISTED KNOTS is a simple yet hilarious story, akin to an episodic sitcom, like the good ones I use to watch with my grandfather. The ones that always left the audience with metaphoric lessons of life.

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DISCORD—The Gospel According to Jefferson, Dickens and Tolstoy

There is quite a bit of harmony in DISCORD, Northlight’ 41st season closer: an intellectual discourse between three historical giants while they dissect theological and philosophical ideas accompanied by a dynamic mixture of highbrow and lowbrow humor.

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