Collaboration and Curiosity, Inside the Creative Life of Scott Davis

“I feel like the first time you work with a director, you’re designing, you’re doing all the normal stuff, but you’re also learning how to communicate. You’re learning each other’s vocabularies. Which is always real exciting, I mean. It’s just like first dates with people—you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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At Shattered Globe FOR PETER PAN Is a Family Affair

Attend any production of FOR PETER PAN ON HER 70TH BIRTHDAY and you’re guaranteed to witness a deeply intimate play — a gift, in fact — written by playwright Sarah Ruhl specifically for her mother, Kathleen Ruhl.

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Creating 10 OUT OF 12 – Inside a Meta Tech

Upon entering the sunny rehearsal space for Theater Wit’s 10 OUT OF 12, I find two of everything: two stage managers at their duplicate tables; two directors alternately sitting back in pensive reflection, then hopping up to offer guidance; two sets of assistant directors noting their mentors’ every move. Watching the preparation of this ambitious play—which details, moment by moment, the process of a tech rehearsal—provides a double image of a singular experience.

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Creating SNOWY DAY at Emerald City
Emerald City Theatre’s production of THE SNOWY DAY AND OTHER STORIES by Ezra Jack Keats. Photo by Austin Oie. By Kyle Whalen January 20. I’m sitting in Emerald City Theatre’s Little Theatre, where the company is rehearsing THE SNOWY DAY AND OTHER STORIES, currently running at the Apollo. Jerome... Read more
Collaboraction Dives into Theater’s Gender Parity Problem

Gender parity in theater is hardly a new conversation, but the creation of Not In Our House and the Chicago Reader exposé on Profiles Theatre brought the issue to the forefront of the Chicago community last year

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EMPRESS ARCHER, an unorthodox dance-making experience

Ariel Freedman and Meredith Webster are an odd couple and beautiful pair. They are renowned dancers, working with the top dance companies and best choreographers in the world.

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15 Years of Making Bedford Falls ‘WONDERFUL’

An inside look at what makes American Blues Theater’s IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: LIVE IN CHICAGO! keep ringing after 15 years.

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Dandelion – Making Theatre to Attract a Company

Consider the dandelion.
There’s the daffy, yellowy, flowery kind, that sprouts up in fields or from cracks in the curbside, and that children hold beneath their chin to see if they like butter (if the color reflects onto your skin, you do.)

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Ron OJ Parson—”People Need to Create…the Process Is All of Us Creating.”
By Kyle Whalen A Monday afternoon. I am foolishly running late, stuck in traffic at the time I’m supposed to call director Ron OJ Parson and interview him. At a stoplight, I ring him to confess I’ll be late. He picks up, a laugh already in his voice, and... Read more
Bri Sudia – Crafting Her Own Path in Chicago Theater

“I wasn’t really going to be an actor,” Bri Sudia insists. When I got a chance to interview her over the phone, she was fresh from rehearsal, stretching out after a long day at the Goodman, where she stars as Ruth Sherwood in the Mary Zimmerman-directed WONDERFUL TOWN.

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