50 Years Later, ALVIN AILEY Continues to Explore the African American Experience

For more than 50 years Alvin Ailey has provided a platform for African American dancers to tell our stories and experiences that encapsulate the tumultuous battles and jubilant moments that life presents.

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Telenovela Comes to Life in DESTINY OF DESIRE
Pictured: Ruth Livier, Ricardo Gutierrez, and Evelina Fernandez. Photo by Liz Lauren.  Review: DESTINY OF DESIRE at Goodman Theatre By Jonald Jude Reyes When you enter the Goodman’s Albert Theatre for DESTINY OF DESIRE, music greets you from a piano onstage. As other audience members begin to trickle in, actors... Read more
CIRCUS 1903 Brings the Golden Age of the Circus to Life
PIctured: Hammer Guys Photo credit: Mark Turner. Review: Circus 1903: the golden age of circus at The Oriental Theatre By Tonika Todorova When I was a kid, my grandfather took me to the circus every year. It was our thing. We always sat in the front row and ate cotton... Read more
Interrobang’s FALLING Explores Themes of Unconditional Love and Surrender

James Yost puts together all the puzzle pieces and under his direction this ensemble provides performances so plausible that I experienced being an interloper in the Martin family’s modest living room while feeling all their feels.

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THE HARD PROBLEM Explores the Nature of Existence and Consciousness

Early in THE HARD PROBLEM, an adorable couple in bed, bathing in a post-coital glow, begins to discuss what other intellectuals might at such a giddy time: the brain, neurobiology, and the nature of consciousness. This juxtaposition of the fluidity of feelings and the absolution of the scientific method sets the tone for the rest of the play.

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THE KID THING Is an Invitation Worth RSVPing “Yes” To

The environmental and emotional intimacy of THE KID THING impacts the audience as we journey the ridges of these characters’ loops and lines.

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SYCAMORE Attempts to Illuminate Early Stages of Gender Confusion

It’s always exciting to see a new play, especially when it is directed in such a delicate way.

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Sideshow’s TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION Asks Hard Questions

Perhaps it’s just art naturally reflecting reality, but in the short time since the election, there seems to be a refreshing and exciting move in Chicago theater towards work that expects an audience to think.

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10 OUT OF 12 Tackles Tech Rehearsal with Raw, Exacting Detail

Theater Wit’s Chicago premiere production of Anne Washburn’s 10 OUT OF 12 presents a novel concept: audience members don headsets as they dive into tech rehearsal for a fictional theatrical production.

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At SPAMILTON, The Laughs Are Non-Stop

Just as the ensemble laments that they want to be in “The Film When It Happens” so too should musical theater lovers and devoted “Hamilfans” want to be in the room where SPAMILTON happens. Click. Boom.

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