New Year’s Resolutions for Chicago Theater

‘It is one of the most important functions of both art and entertainment to help us transcend such times, sometimes by helping us to think things through, sometimes by helping us not to think at all.’ – Sheldon Patinkin

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Hamilton Shows Its Power to Pence – 8 Thoughts
VIEW FROM THE MEZZANINE PerformInk Publisher Jason Epperson’s take on the business and life of producing theater. In case you missed it … Vice-President Elect Mike Pence was booed before Friday night’s Broadway performance of HAMILTON by the audience. During several moments relevant to our current political discourse, the... Read more
The Goldstar Problem

We’ve created a monster. This is a company with no product of its own, that instead takes our product, which we willingly hand over, sells it at half-price publicly, and takes a decent chunk of the sale.

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