Theatre Y Has Its YERMA Cast and Crew

Theatre Y Has Its YERMA Cast and Crew

Pictured: Kris Tori, and Katie Sherman. 

Theatre Y has announced the production team and cast for their fall production of YERMA by Federico García Lorca and adapted by Héctor Álvarez.

Directed by Max Traux, the production features Héctor Álvarez (Wash Woman), Cody Beyer (Juan), Tanner Bradshaw (Wash Woman), Barbara Button (Old Pagan Woman), Adrian Garcia (Wash Woman), Arch Harmon (Wash Woman), Melissa Lorraine (Dolores), Brendan Mulhern (Victor), Eric Roberts (Wash Woman), Laurie Roberts (Second Girl), Katie Sherman (Maria), Katie Stimpson (Yerma), Kris Tori (First Girl), and Nick Wenz (Wash Woman).

Pictured: Top Row: Barbara Button, Brendan Mulhern, Héctor Álvarez, Eric Roberts, Laurie Roberts, Middle Row: Tanner Bradshaw, Cody Beyer, Kris Tori, Katie Stimpson, Nick Wenz, Bottom Row: Adrian Garcia, Arch Harmon, Melissa Lorraine, Katie Sherman. 

The production team includes Héctor Álvarez (adaptor), Nicholas Tonozzi (Composer and Music Director), and Max Traux (Director). Additional crew will be announced at a later date.

The second of Lorca’s three rural tragedies, YERMA is the story of a woman driven to extremes by her desperate desire to have a child. Trapped in a passionless marriage with a husband who shows no interest in having children, her maternal longing becomes an obsession. Like much of Lorca’s other work, the play casts a critical eye upon what he called “the grotesque treatment of women” and the repression of female sexual desire. With much of Lorca’s poems performed as songs with original music by Nicholas Tonozzi.

YERMA runs October 27th – December 10th at Theatre Y’s new home, 4546 N. Western Ave. For more information visit

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