Factory Theater Announces Change of Leadership and 25th Season

Factory Theater Announces Change of Leadership and 25th Season

Pictured: Stacie Barra and Manny Tamayo

The Factory Theater has announced a 25th anniversary season featuring three world premieres. The company has also announced a shift in leadership.

The season begins with Mike Ooi’s CAPTAIN STEVE’S CARING KINGDOM, followed by Carrie J. Sullivan’s THE NEXT BIG THING, and concluding with Jill Oliver’s LAMETOWN AND THE ADVENTURES OF SPIRIT FORCE.

At the conclusion of the 17/18 season, Ensemble Members Manny Tamayo and Stacie Barra will become co-artistic directors, taking over for current Artistic Director Scott OKen. OKen will be transitioning out of his 12-year role but will continue to be a part of the company’s artistic ensemble.

The Factory Theater’s 17/18 Season (from the press release): 

World Premiere
Written and Directed by Mike Ooi
October 27 – December 9
Factory Theater, 1623 W. Howard St.
Everyone is familiar with the host of a children’s show visiting a land filled with talking animals and puppets. What happens when the host isn’t around? Do the animals also go to jobs they hate? Are they struggling to save their relationships? Do they have issues they can’t seem to fix? The Factory Theater takes a glimpse into the lives of the residents of Captain Steve’s caring kingdom, in a story not suitable for children.

World Premiere
Written by Carrie J. Sullivan
Directed by Robyn Coffin
March 9 – April 21, 2018

Grunge. The internet. Auto-tune. It was all happening – and about to happen – in 1997. For 19 year-old Beth Peterson, shaking the dust off her small town life to pursue a career in rock ‘n’ roll is a dream-come-true. In The Next Big Thing,audiences watch as the curtain gets pulled back to reveal the harsh realities of the city, the industry and adulthood, and will find out if Beth can navigate her new world.

World Premiere
Written by Jill Oliver
Directed by Spenser Davis
June 29 – August 11, 2018

When a cheerleading squad is called upon to save the parallel universe of Lej, they must summon their collective team spirit to destroy the evil spirit stick, save the citizens of Lametown and be back in time for the state championship. Jill Oliver’s debut play asks the question, “Ummm…there’s an evil stick in this play?”

For more information on The Factory Theater visit thefactorytheater.com.

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