The Music of Immigration Scores LA HAVANA MADRID
Sandra Delgado, creator of LA HAVANA MADRID, plays the title character in the world premiere. Photo by Joel Maisonet. Review: LA HAVANA MADRID – Teatro Vista at Steppenwolf By Jonald Jude Reyes It’s the music – the rhythm, the beat, and the culture. There’s an essence to music that’s... Read more
QUEEN Is Abuzz With Hive Knowledge at Victory Gardens

QUEEN lifts up women in a way that’s intellectual and passionate. In a way that’s human.

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Neverbird’s PINOCCHIO is a Magical, Touching and Relevant Story

When the lights came up at the end of this play’s seventy minutes, my friend and I looked at each other both surprised to have tears in our eyes.

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THE?UNICORN?HOUR? – 60 Minutes of Unrestrained Happiness

When you come to see THE?UNICORN?HOUR? — and you will be very happy when you do — you learn from the cast that joy is an active choice, requiring a shift of perception of the world around you.

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BLOOD AT THE ROOT Is One of the Most Important Pieces of Theater in Chicago Right Now

The Yard and Jackalope’s co-production of this compelling story is one of the most important pieces of theater in Chicago right now.

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KING OF THE YEES Is a Brilliant Joy Ride

Lauren Yee’s KING OF THE YEES is a rambunctious odyssey that explores Chinese folklore through a contemporary lens.

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Cavalia’s ODYESSO Elevates the Human Spirit

Three years ago, a friend extended an invitation to see Cavalia’s ODYESSO. I knew nothing about the show but took her recommendation to “just see it.” Though I am not one frequently flabbergasted by spectacle, I remain shocked at this show’s lasting influence over me.

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BATTLEFIELD Is Epic Storytelling at Its Most Refined
Photo: Caroline Moreau. Pictured: Jared McNeill, Carole Karemera, Ery Nzaramba. Review: BATTLEFIELD – presented by Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and the Museum of Contemporary Art By Jude Hansen A battlefield only exists after a war has taken place, it is nothing but an aftermath. Before such time as blood is... Read more
Bernadette Peters and the Boston Pops Dazzle

But Ms. Peters was perhaps the most extraordinary when she delivered many of Stephen Sondheim’s beautiful and complex songs.

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Renee Lockett Gives a Tour de Force Performance in OHIO STATE MURDERS

Renee Lockett gives a magnetic and heartfelt performance as now successful author, Suzanne Alexander, returning to speak to the students at her alma mater (Ohio State). It is a tour de force performance in what is effectively an hour-long monologue with minor interjections of the re-enacted scenes of Suzanne’s life.

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