With DIAMOND DOGS, The House Theatre Levels Up to a New “Planetary Level” of Awesome

I love science fiction because the most common of human emotions resonate more deeply when taken out of the realm of “everyday life.” Unrequited love has a much more profound impact when your lover is about to be frozen in carbonite, and greedy villains always seem way more sinister when their selfish whims hinge on the destruction of a planet.

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Chicago’s Best Shows of 2016

As an amazing year of performance in Chicago comes to an end, we’re wrapping up our picks for the best productions of 2016. We asked our critics which of the 125 shows we reviewed this year have really stuck with them, and here are their favorites.

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House Theatre’s NUTCRACKER Offers Optimistic Distraction

I moved away from Chicago before the non-ballet version of THE NUTRACKER became as popular as pistachios. Admittedly, before seeing it, due to my uncracked Grinch-like bias, I dreaded watching another charming Christmas play; however, after a few nutty weeks in Chicago this play provides a possible distraction.

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Following its successful 2012 and 2013 runs The House Theatre’s remounted production of DEATH AND HARRY HOUDINI has announced they’ll extend through the rest of the summer. Slated to originally close July 24th DEATH AND HARRY HOUDINI will run through August 21st in the upstairs theater of The Chopin.... Read more
DEATH AND HOUDINI Still Daring as Hell

At the House, they take great care of their audience. I usually shrink down in my seat at the thought of audience participation, but under Nathan Allen’s direction and Watkins’ mastery, to participate feels like we might be in on the trick.

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White Knuckle UNITED FLIGHT 232 – Intense, Terrifying, and Unforgettable

Once you embark on United Flight 232, there is no unbuttoning your seatbelt, no releasing the tight grip your white knuckled fingers and no calming your racing heart. You can be told to prepare for this 90-minute journey but no amount of “brace, brace, brace” will dampen the impact and its long lasting effects.

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