Second date added! Can’t do a weekday? Join us on Saturday the 10th!

Press releases falling on deaf ears? Trying to stand out from the crowd to reporters and news agencies?

PerformInk is here to help!

With experience both receiving press releases and pitches from theater companies, and being producers ourselves, we’re in a unique position to let you in on what works and what doesn’t when pitching the media. We’ve put together a course we’re calling PerformInk’s P.R. Bootcamp, specifically designed to help you with the ins and outs of pitching any theater production or live event to the media.

We’re presenting our P.R. Bootcamp as a 2-hour webinar on Wednesday, June 7th at 1 P.M. and Saturday, June 10th at 10 A.M. You only need a computer to attend. You’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback on your own process.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Writing the perfect press release: what reporters are looking for that separates you from the pack
  • Press release mechanics: the nuts and bolts of formatting and sending a release
  • The different types of media placements
  • How to find media contacts
  • Pitching: landing feature stories, TV and radio appearances
  • Press releases gone bad: how to get thrown into the digital trash bin
  • How to format and send photos and video to the media
  • PR and Social Media, tips for expanding your presence
  • When it’s time to hire a professional P.R. firm, and who to hire

But it’s not just a webinar! Each attendee will receive a digital packet with sample press releases, media contacts, social media guides, and more. Plus, a critique of a press release that you can redeem at any time.

P.R. Bootcamp will be taught by Jason Epperson — publisher of PerformInk and commercial theater producer — and is put together by the PerformInk staff, led by Managing Editor Abigail Trabue. We’ll use slides, websites, and example materials on-screen in a format that allows you to ask typed questions and get answers. You only need a computer with headphones or speakers and an internet connection to attend.

You’ll receive the 2-hour webinar, the digital packet of materials, and a video download of the webinar to keep, all for $35. For $55, you’ll receive all of the above plus an individual written critique of your press release that you can redeem at any time. Additional attendees from the same company are $25. Slots are limited to 25, so register now!

Questions? Email jason[at]