Promethean Announces EURYDICE’s Cast and Creative Team
Pictured: Janeane Bowlware  Promethean Theatre Ensemble has announced the cast and creative team for Sarah Ruhl’s EURYDICE. Directed by Nicole Hand, the production features Janeane Bowlware (Eurydice), Jordan Golding (Orpheus), Sandy Elias (Eurydice’s Father), Jared Dennis (Nasty/Interesting Man), Susie Griffith (Big Stone), Meghann Tabor* (Little Stone), Brendan Hutt* (Loud... Read more
Renowned Casting Director and Actor Jane Alderman Dies

Jane Alderman loved actors. The great ones, the talented but undisciplined ones, the undiscovered ones and the ones that were better off becoming a stage manager. She was expert at bluntly, but with great empathy, telling actors the bad news that they had not gotten a part.

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Updated: No Pay, No License, No Refunds, No Equity Bond for Musically Human

Maybe we should have stopped and asked why they were moving here.

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Theatre at the Center Announces ANNIE WARBUCKS Cast
Pictured: Emily Zimmerman. Theatre at the Center has announced casting for its holiday production of ANNIE WARBUCKS. The sequel to the 1977 Tony-Award Winner ANNIE. Directed and choreographed by Linda Fortunato, the production features Emily Zimmerman (Annie) David Girolmo (Oliver Warbucks), Elizabeth Telford (Grace), Iris Lieberman (Commissioner Doyle), Heidi Kettenring... Read more
Crushing Performances Reveal the Heart and Soul of BARE.

Boy, girl, boy girl. Plaid skirt, khaki pants, plaid skirt, khaki pants. This is the strict pattern in which we sat during Mass at my Catholic elementary school. I think the purpose of that was to stop us from giggling with our girlfriends during the homily, but now it seems like a larger metaphor.

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Cultivating Resilience: Managing the Risks of the Biz

Resilient people do not let adversity define them. They find resilience by moving towards a goal beyond themselves, transcending pain and grief by perceiving bad times as a temporary state of affairs…

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Steep Theatre has announced it’ll extend BOBBIE CLEARLY by two weeks. Slated to originally close November 5th the show will now run till November 19th.  Directed by Josh Sobel, the production features Melissa Reiner, Nick Host, Joel Reitsma, McKenzie Chinn, David Fisch, Roy Gonzalez, Tom Jansson, Erika Napoletano, Paloma... Read more
Chicago Inclusion Project Partners With Hypocrites
Pictured: Emjoy Gavino The Chicago Inclusion Project Founder and Producer Emjoy Gavino announced today a new partnership between The Chicago Inclusion Project, a collective dedicated to championing inclusion and diversity in Chicago theater, and The Hypocrites. The new partnership will expand on TCIP’s casting consultation initiative, launched earlier this... Read more
Dandelion – Making Theatre to Attract a Company

Consider the dandelion.
There’s the daffy, yellowy, flowery kind, that sprouts up in fields or from cracks in the curbside, and that children hold beneath their chin to see if they like butter (if the color reflects onto your skin, you do.)

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Joseph Drummond to Receive Corona Award

Eclipse Theatre Company announces its Eighth Annual Corona Award, to be presented to Joseph Drummond, recently retired Goodman Theatre Production Stage Manager of 42 years.

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