A Red Orchid Expands Ensemble

A Red Orchid Expands Ensemble

Pictured (clockwise from top left): Travis Knight, Christa van Baale, Stephanie Heller, Myron Elliott-Cisneros, Levi Holloway, Steve Schine, Grant Sabin, Karen Aldridge, Jess McLeod, and Sadieh Rifai.

A Red Orchid Theatre has announced the addition of eight new members to the Artistic Ensemble – Karen Aldridge, Myron Elliott-Cisneros, Levi Holloway, Travis A. Knight, Jess McLeod, Sadieh Rifai, Grant Sabin, and Steve Schine.

The company has also welcomed two Resident Stage Managers – Stephanie Heller and Christa van Baale.

“Just as we commit to the artistic development of each of these amazing artists, they have committed to the artistic development of A Red Orchid,” comments Artistic Director Kirsten Fitzgerald. “I am beaming with pride and over-the-moon to call these artists family. Their work here at A Red Orchid and elsewhere embodies the honesty, rigor, and compassion at the core of all we do. It is truly an honor to have them joining us, and I am giddy about our future together.”

The current Red Orchid company includes Karen Aldridge, Lance Baker, Kamal Angelo Bolden, Dado, Mike Durst, Myron Elliott-Cisneros, Jennifer Engstrom, Kirsten Fitzgerald, Joseph Fosco, Mierka Girten, Larry Grimm, Steve Haggard, Levi Holloway, Karen Kawa, Karen Kessler, Travis A. Knight, Danny McCarthy, Jess McLeod, Shade Murray, Brett Neveu, Sadieh Rifai, Grant Sabin, Steve Schine, Michael Shannon, Guy Van Swearingen, Doug Vickers and Natalie West.   

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