Babes With Blades Sets Cast and Creatives for World Premiere of THE INVISIBLE SCARLET O’NEIL

Babes With Blades Sets Cast and Creatives for World Premiere of THE INVISIBLE SCARLET O’NEIL

Photo: Elizabeth MacDougald plays the villain Evanna Keil in Babes With Blades’ THE INVISIBLE SCARLET O’NEIL.

Babes With Blades Theatre Company has its cast and creative team for the first show of its 20th anniversary season, THE INVISIBLE SCARLET O’NEIL, based on the first American female superhero comic strip, running September 2 – October 14 at the Factory Theater. The new play is written by Ensemble Member Barbara Lhota, directed by Ensemble Member Leigh Barrett and features violence design by Ensemble Member Libby Beyreis.

“[The 1940s is] one of my favorite time periods for comedy and action, and we have both! The style has such a great physicality, and the language just crackles,” said Director Leigh Barrett. “Plus Barb has taken this superheroine, who originated in 1940, and set her story right after World War II. This, of course, is when women who had been working in factories and offices – making a difference, having an impact – were expected to step down upon the soldiers’ return from the war.” Playwright Lhota added, “Women who were made visible during World War II, because they took over so many male dominated jobs, were now asked to become, in effect, invisible as the men came home.”

Chloe Baldwin portrays the title character, along with Lynne Baker as “Dr. Greta Hertzfedt/Doris Carmichael,” Chris Cinereski as “Dr. O’Neil/Bill/Guard/Cop,” Margaux Fournier as “Sarah Blue,” Ashley Fox as “Judy Butafuco,” Lisa Herceg as “Hedy Labarr/Marcie,” Aneisa Hicks as “Jean Sharp,” Elizabeth MacDougald as “Evanna Keil” and Kirk Osgood as “Dr. Percy Spencer/Bobby/Joe.” Patti Moore and Savanna Rae understudy.

The production team for The Invisible Scarlet O’Neill includes Milo Bue, scenic design; Meghan Erxleben, lighting design; Sarah Espinoza, sound design; Colleen Layton, production manager; G. Max Maxin IV, projection design; Lindsey Miller, stage manager; Kimberly Morris, costume design; Manuel Ortiz, technical director; Vanessa Thomas, properties design; Hannah Wolff, dramaturg and Chloe Baldwin, violence assistant.

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