All-Canadian Cast for DISENCHANTED! at Broadway Playhouse Announced

All-Canadian Cast for DISENCHANTED! at Broadway Playhouse Announced

L to R: Miriam Drysdale, Ann Paula Bautista, Madison Hayes-Crook, Merritt Crews, Daniella Richards, Uche Ama. Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz

Broadway In Chicago and Starvox Entertainment announced the all-Canadian cast for DISENCHANTED!, a musical in which princesses come back to set the record straight about their storybook portrayals, directed by Christopher Bond and at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place May 10 through June 5, 2016.
DISENCHANTED! will feature Merritt Crews (Snow White), Madison Hayes-Crook (Cinderella), Daniella Richards (Sleeping Beauty), Miriam Drysdale (The Little Mermaid, Belle, Rapunzel), Ann Paula Bautista (Hua Mulan, Pocahontas, Baldroulbadour) and Uche Ama (The Princess Who Kissed the Frog).

The production is, for now, only for Chicago – but the all-Canadian casting may suggest Starvox (a Canadian producing organization) intends to book it around North America. It is one of the few licensed U.S. productions since the original closed Off-Broadway last June. Starvox is a frequent Broadway In Chicago collaborator, including the recent SHERLOCK HOLMES with David Arquette, DEE SNIDER’S ROCK AND ROLL CHRISTMAS TALE, POTTED POTTER – The Unauthorized Harry Potter Experience, and EVIL DEAD – THE MUSICAL.

Individual tickets for DISENCHANTED! are on sale now at

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