FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T Fights for Social Justice and #BlackLivesMatter Through Art

FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T Fights for Social Justice and #BlackLivesMatter Through Art

FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T: A PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE TO SHED LIGHT ON RACIAL INJUSTICE THROUGH EMPOWERING SPEECH, will host it’s 4th production on Sunday, July 31st at 9 p.m. Producer Maya Haughton will host the showcase along with Allison Reese at Under the Gun Theater in the Wrigleyville neighborhood.

According to Haughton FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T is “a platform for People of Color to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment. We feature a diverse cast of people that not only support the Black Lives Matter movement but also fight for social justice for other marginalized people as well. Across the country, people are standing up to combat the systemic racism that is at the root of frequent brutal and aggressive acts toward the Black community. Our frustration is at a boiling point and we demand to have our voices heard.”

All proceeds from FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T benefit West Humboldt Park’s The Healing Center, an organization founded in response to a shooting that took place next to a prayer vigil. Passing out free food and free hugs on street corners of Chicago known for shootings and drug dealing, Arielle Maldonado and Krystal Robledo of The Healing Center lead efforts in organizing a coalition of representatives from different anti-violence groups. Volunteers stand passing out food and speaking with community members on the issue of violence plaguing our inner-city communities.

For more information on the July 31st performance of FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T visit Under The Gun Theater.

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