Cast and Creative Team Set for THE COMEDY OF ERRORS

Cast and Creative Team Set for THE COMEDY OF ERRORS

Pictured: Jill Matel

The Shakespeare All-Stars have announced the cast for their Fall production of THE COMEDY OF ERRORS.

Directed by JT Nagle, the production features Sarah Joy Adler, Polley Cooney, Carlyle DePriest, Meredith Ernst, Jacob Fjare, Kevin Grubb, Matt Lunt, Jill Matel, Arin Mulvaney, Andy Ricci, Nicola Rinow, T. Isaac Sherman, and Nick Villalon.

The creative team includes Chelsea Rolfes (Assistant Director/Text Coach), Jessica Woodburn (Stage Manager), Arin Mulvaney (Costumes), Nick Villalon (Fight Choreographer), and Zack Payne (Asst. Fight Choreographer).

“THE COMEDY OF ERRORS is Shakespeare’s shortest play. With the least text and most confusion, I wanted to find a way to highlight the exaggerated world these characters inhabit,” comments Nagel. “I found my answer by connecting it to another elevated world I know: cartoons. When a cartoon character falls in love, their heart beats out of their chest. When they’re scared, they shake all over. They can explode and walk away clean by the next frame. But every action, no matter how ridiculous, is based on a real emotion that is relatable to all ages. Our ERRORS pulls from the animated world to bring each character’s actions to their highest peak, but never forgetting the emotional truth that causes these reactions. Through these heightened emotions, we can see flashes of our own life. And what better way to better understand ourselves than through laughter? Is it bonkers? Yes. Is it ridiculous? Absolutely. But is it honest? It has to be.”

THE COMEDY OF ERRORS runs October 27 – November 19th at Filament Theatre. For more information visit

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