Cast and Creatives Announced for THE TRAGEDY OF HE-MANLET

Cast and Creatives Announced for THE TRAGEDY OF HE-MANLET

Pictured: Hannah Yeager 

New Millennium Theatre Company (NMTC) has announced the cast and creatives for THE TRAGEDY OF HE-MANLET, Prince of Eternia by Adam “Roz” Rosowicz.

Directed by Ali Keirn, the production features Zach Decker (Adam), Alex B. Reynolds (Skeletor), Hannah Yeager (Teela/Cheetara/Sorceress), Allison Sword (Queen Marlena/The Oracle), Emma Luttrell (Orko), Christopher Donaldson (Ram Man/Beast Man), Sean Harklerode (Fisto/Panthro/Trap Jaw), Christopher Woolsey (Ghost/Man-E-Faces/Stinkor), and Neil O’Callaghan (Man-at-Arms/Lion-O/Merman).

The creative team includes Adam “Roz” Rosowicz (Props/Dramaturge), Jessica Rae Olsen (Producer/ Illustrator/ASM), Bree De (Stage Manager), Sam Long (Makeup), LJ Luthringer (Sound/Lighting Design), Hannah Yeager (Lighting Design), and Scott Myers (Fight Design).

Something’s rotten in the state of Eternia. The king is dead, and it’s up to Prince Adam to seek justice or lose the figure of action! Its Shakespeare meets Saturday morning in a brand new iambic pentameter adventure that begs the question; “To He, or not to He?”

THE TRAGEDY OF HE-MAN runs August 24th – September 10th at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave.). For more information visit

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