Cast and Production Team Announced for CAPTAIN STEVE’S CARING KINGDOM

Cast and Production Team Announced for CAPTAIN STEVE’S CARING KINGDOM

Pictured: Rebecca Wolfe and Sarah Scanlon

The Factory Theater has announced the cast and production team for the world premiere of CAPTAIN STEVE’S CARING KINGDOM written and directed by Company Member Mike Ooi.

The production features Christy Arington (Shakes and Frankie), Jennifer Betancourt (Meowser and Ronnie), Greg Caldwell (Dr. Stork), Blake Dalzin (Squeals), Brittany Ellis (Ellie Phant), Chris Hainsworth (Beaky), Dan Krall (The Fattie/Donnie), Topher Leon (Busby), Scott OKen (OK Bear), Michael Reyes (Turv the Perv), Sarah Scanlon (Allamis Morrison), Christopher M. Walsh (Mookie/The King) and Rebecca Wolfe (Nellie Phant/Grimby).

Pictured: (Top l-r): Brittany Ellis, Chris Hainsworth, Christy Arington, Dan Krall, and Greg Caldwell.
Middle Row, l-r: Jennifer Betancourt, Michael Reyes, Blake Dalzin, Rebecca Wolfe, and Sarah Scanlon.
Bottom Row, l-r: Scott OKen , Topher Leon, and Chris Walsh.

The production team includes Mandy Walsh (assistant director) Jeremy Hollis (scenic designer), Meghan Erxleben (lighting designer), Rachel Sypniewski (costume designer) Gary Nocco (co-costume designer), Caleb Awe (assistant costume designer), Chas Vrba (sound designer), Ann Sonneville (prop designer), Jill Frederickson (puppet designer), R&D Choreography: Rick Gilbert and Victor Bayona (violence design), Monica M. Brown (stage manager), and Timothy C. Amos (production manager).

Everyone is familiar with the host of a children’s show visiting a land filled with talking animals and puppets. What happens when the host isn’t around? Do the animals also go to jobs they hate? Are they struggling to save their relationships? Do they have issues they can’t seem to fix? The Factory Theater takes a glimpse into the lives of the residents of Captain Steve’s caring kingdom, in a new story not suitable for children.

CAPTAIN STEVE’S CARING KINGDOM runs October 27th – December 9th. For more information visit

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