Cast and Production Team Set for RAISED IN CAPTIVITY

Cast and Production Team Set for RAISED IN CAPTIVITY

Pictured: Hannah Williams

The Right Brain Project has announced the cast and production team for their production of Nicky Silver’s RAISED IN CAPTIVITY.

Directed by Artistic Director Kathi Kaity, the production features Joel Collins, Tyler Esselman, Liz Goodson, Vic Kuligoski, Laura Jones Macknin, and Hannah Williams.

The production team includes Stage Manager Krista Reeves, Music Director/Composer Jeremy Atwood, Light Designer Claire Sangster, Violence Coordinator Justin Verstraete, and Graphic Designer Michaela Heidemann.

From the press release: “Estranged twins Sebastian and Bernadette are reunited at their mother’s funeral, after her death-by-errant-showerhead. The two siblings clumsily attempt to renegotiate their relationship while making space for others in their lives: Bernadette’s husband Kip, who decides to abandon his dental practice to become an artist, and Dr.
Hillary, Sebastian’s extravagantly needy therapist who is prone to dissolving into a morass of self-recrimination. Paradoxically dark but comedic, absurd yet earnest, Nicky Silver’s award-winning work returns to Chicago.”

RAISED IN CAPTIVITY runs April 26th – May 19th at the Frontier; 1106 W. Thorndale in Chicago. For more information visit

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