Cast and Production Team Set for SPEECH & DEBATE

Cast and Production Team Set for SPEECH & DEBATE

Pictured: Trevor Bates 

Brown Paper Box Co. has announced the cast and production team for Stephen Karam’s SPEECH & DEBATE.

Directed by Board President David Lipschutz, the production features Trevor Bates (Howie), Elise Marie Davis (Teacher/Reporter), Darren Patin (Solomon), and Deanalís Resto (Diwata).

Pictured (l-r): Trevor Bates, Deanalís Resto, Darren Patin and Elise Marie Davis

The production team includes Sally Baker (Casting Assistant), Zach Dries (Photographer/Videographer), Jeanine Fry (Costume Designer), Sara Heymann (Properties Designer). Becca Holloway (Ass’t Director/Choreographer), Torrey Meyer (Scenic Designer), M. William Panek (Box Office Manager), Erin Pleake (Lighting & Projection Designer), Deanna Satin (Stage Manager), Anna Schutz (Production Manager), Charlie Sheets (Graphic Designer), Daniel Spagnuolo (Casting Associate), Gin To (Production Intern), and Becca Venable (Sound Designer).

Three teenage misfits in Salem, Oregon discover they are linked by a sex scandal that’s rocked their town. When one of them sets out to expose the truth, secrets become currency, the stakes get higher, and the trio’s connection grows deeper.

SPEECH & DEBATE runs February 2nd – March 4th at The Edge Theatre in the Edgewater neighborhood. For more information visit

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