Circle Theatre Announces THE CONDITION OF FEMME Cast

Circle Theatre Announces THE CONDITION OF FEMME Cast

Pictured: Lauren Marie Powell 

Circle Theatre has announced the cast for the world premiere of Lauren Marie Powell THE CONDITION OF FEMME.

Directed by Amanda Jane Long, the production features Powell (Reagan), along with Michelle Bester, Betsy Bowman, Marisa Eason, Rachel Livingston, Amy Powell, Tyler Reaser, Miriam Reuter, Jessica Rzucidlo, Ashley Stein and Nikkia Tyler. One role remains to be cast.

Top row L-R: Michelle Bester, Betsy Bowman, Marisa Eason, Rachel Livingston.
Middle row L-R: Amy Powell, Lauren Powell, Tyler Reaser, Jessica Rzucidlo.
Bottom row L-R: Miriam Reuter, Ashley Stein, Nikkia Tyler.

From the press release: “THE CONDITION OF FEMME, an exploration of rape culture based on actual events in the lives of sexual assault survivors interviewed by playwright Lauren Marie Powell. The drama includes monologues delivered by 11 characters created from Powell’s interviewees, as well as a central character called Reagan, who is a counselor for a sexual assault hotline. Powell says, ‘Every character in the show is a fictionalized person based on those many testimonies, with verbatim quotes included throughout the piece. Most of the characters are an amalgamation of multiple testimonies around recurrent themes in their interviews. Reagan, based on a social worker and a rape-crisis hotline worker I interviewed, meets the 11 survivors through her work and ties their stories together.'”

THE CONDITION OF THE FEMME runs March 2nd – April 1st at The Buena, Pride Arts Center. For more information visit

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