City Lit Announces Cast & Staff for PROMETHEUS BOUND

City Lit Announces Cast & Staff for PROMETHEUS BOUND

Pictured: Mark Pracht and Kat Evans

City Lit has announced the cast and staff for Aeschylus’s PROMETHEUS BOUND, directed by Terry McCabe. The new translation was commissioned by City Lit from Nicholas Rudall, Founding Artistic Director of Court Theater and acclaimed translator of Greek drama.

In the classic Greek tragedy, the titan Prometheus is chained – and fastened with a spike through his chest – to a mountain as punishment for instilling in the human race the capacity for hope, thereby spoiling Zeus’s plan to wipe out the human race and replace it with something better. Prometheus’s visitors include gods, sea nymphs, and Io – a woman Zeus has turned into a cow. In City Lit’s version, all but Prometheus and Io will be portrayed by life-sized puppets. Mark Pracht will play Prometheus and Kat Evans will play Io. The puppeteers behind the puppets created by Tiffany Lange and Cynthia VonOrthal of VonOrthal puppets will be Nate Buursma, Antora DeLong, Linsey Falls, Sarah Franzel, and Maddy Low. The male puppets will be voiced by Charles Schoenherr. The Greek chorus voices will be Casey Daniel, Lara Dohner, Jenna Fawcett, Sahara Glasener-Boles, Krista Mitchell, and Justine Raczy.

The production team for PROMETHEUS BOUND will also include Jeremy Hollis (scenic design), Liz Cooper (lighting design), LaVisa Angela Williams (costume design), Jeremiah Barr (properties design), and Hazel Marie Flowers McCabe (production manager). The production will also feature an original score by Kingsley Day.

“PROMETHEUS BOUND is a work of challenging beauty,” Rudall said, “and City Lit is a perfect place to explore its lyricism and its politics.” PROMETHEUS BOUND will run from April 27-June 10, 2018.

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