City Lit Has Its J.B. Cast and Crew

City Lit Has Its J.B. Cast and Crew

Pictured: Stephanie Monday

City Lit Theater has announced the cast and creative team for J.B., the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Winner for Best Play by playwright and poet Archibald MacLeish

Directed by Brian Pastor, the production features Morgan McCabe (Nickles/1st Civil Defense Officer), Elaine Carlson (Mr. Zuss/2nd CDO), Stephanie Monday (J.B.), Judy Lea Steele (Sarah), Shariba Rivers (David/1st Reporter/Murphy/Eliphaz), Barbara Roeder Harris (Mary/1st Soldier/Police Officer 1/Adams), Susie Griffith (Jonathan/2nd Soldier/Police Officer 2/Lesure), Rainee Denham (Ruth/Girl/Jolly/Bildad), marssie Mencotti (Rebecca/2nd Reporter/Botticelli/Zophar).

The production team includes Kaitlyn Grissom (Set Designer), Jessica Fialko (Lighting Designer), Daniel Carlyon (Sound Designer and Composer), Alaina Moore (Costume Designer), David Knezz (Mask Designer), Arielle Valene (Properties Designer), Anne Wrider (Assistant Director), Alexa Berkowitz (Stage Manager), and Hazel Flowers-McCabe (Production Manager).

J.B. takes place in a corner of an enormous circus tent, where two vendors prepare to perform a play based on the Book of Job. One vendor, Nickles (meant to signify the devil, who is sometimes called “Old Nick”), will play the Devil. The other vendor, Zuss (“Zeus”), will play God. The two choose J.B., a wealthy banker, to play their Job.  After Nickles causes unimaginable pain and loss for J.B., J.B. asks three comforters, representing history, science and religion, to explain his misfortune. Unsatisfied by their answers, he asks God to justify his plight. Nickles encourages J.B. to commit suicide to spite God, but Zuss offers to give J.B. his old life back if he will promise to be obedient.

J.B. runs October 27th – December 10th at City Lit Theater, 1020 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue. For more information visit

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