Facility Announces PHOEBE IN WINTER Cast and Designers

Facility Announces PHOEBE IN WINTER Cast and Designers

Pictured: Shawna Franks

Facility Theatre has announced the cast and design team for Jen Silverman’s PHOEBE IN WINTER, directed by resident director Dado.

The cast includes company members Kirk Anderson, Shawna Franks, Maria Stephens, and Elliot Baker, with guest artists Jacob Alexander and David Dowd.

The design team includes Assistant Director Georgette Verdin, Production Manager Brent Ervin-Eickhoff, Stage Manager Albert Trefts, Set Design Joseph Wade, Costume Designer Kotryna HIlko, Props Designer Samantha Rauch, and Lighting Designer Mike Durst.

The play begins as three brothers return home from a war preparing to settle into their old lives when a  woman named Phoebe accuses them of killing her own three brothers and demands they become her new family instead.

PHOEBE IN WINTER runs September 22nd – October 21st. For more information visit facilitytheatre.org.

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