Factory Announces “Last Night in Karaoke Town” Cast and Designers

Factory Announces “Last Night in Karaoke Town” Cast and Designers

Pictured Top Row (L to R): Wendy Hayne (Diane), Ashley Yates (Shannon), Genna Ellis (Audrey), Abigail Warhus (Fran), Chase Wheaton-Werle (Kenny), and Conor Clark (Brad). Bottom Row (L to R): Kirby Gibson (Evelin), Michael Jones (Ted), Philip Zimmermann (Miles), Sal Gado (Shawn), Samantha Porter (Lilly), Tommy Bullington (Ethan)

The Factory Theater has announced the cast and design team for its newest main stage production, “Last Night in Karaoke Town,” February 14 – March 28.

Written by Mike Beyer and Kirk Pynchon, and directed by Kim Boler, the production features Wendy Hayne (Diana), Ashley Yates (Shannon), Genna Ellis (Audrey), Samantha Porter (Lilly), Abbie Warhus (Fran), Sal Gado (Shawn), Kirby Gibson (Eveline), Conor Clark (Brad), Michael Jones (Ted), Philip Zimmermann (Miles), Chase Wheaton-Werle (Kenny), Tommy Bullington (Ethan), Cristiana Barbatelli (Diana U/S), Ty Aldridge (Ethan U/S), Elyssa Trevino (Lilly/Audrey U/S), Alex DiVirgilio (Kenny/Brad U/S), Jennifer Betancourt* (Shannon U/S) and Blake Holen (Ted/Miles U/S).

The production team includes Emma Cullimore (costume designer), Becca Holloway (associate director/music director), Charles Blunt (light designer), C.W. van Baale (master electrician), Evan Sposato (technical director), Manny Tamayo (production manager), Wyatt Kent (props designer), Manuel Ortiz (set designer), Maya Jain (scenic charge), Sarah D. EspinoAa (sound designer) and Phil Claudnic (stage manager).

One of Cleveland’s oldest karaoke bars may have to close its doors forever, unless its long-time proprietor can convince the new building owner not to change it into a cider bar. With a neighborhood slowly gentrifying around them, the longtime patrons embark on a plan to keep their beloved watering hole intact.

“Last Night in Karaoke Town” runs February 14 – March 28, 2020.

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