First Folio Has Its THE MAN-BEAST Cast and Crew

First Folio Has Its THE MAN-BEAST Cast and Crew

Pictured: Elizabeth Laidlaw

First Folio Theatre has announced the cast and creative team for the World Premiere of Joseph Zettelmaier’s THE MAN-BEAST.

Aaron Christensen

Directed by Hayley Rice, the production features Elizabeth Laidlaw as Virginie Allard and Aaron Christensen as Jean Chastel.

The creative team includes Scenic Design by Angela Weber Miller, Lighting Design by Michael McNamara, Original Music and Sound Design by Christopher Kriz, Costume Design by Rachel Lambert, Properties Design by Vivian Knouse, Violence Design by Rachel Flesher, and Julia Zayas-Melendez as Stage Manager.

THE MAN-BEAST tells the tale of a mysterious wild animal ravaging the livestock and citizenry, leaving behind a trail of blood and death. When Louis XVI puts a bounty on the animal, the mystery and horror only deepen. No one has been able to trap the perpetrator, but the citizens have seen the gory results of its savage attacks and suspect that it’s a Loup-Garou, the savage werewolf of French legend.

THE MAN-BEAST runs October 4th – November 5th. For more information visit

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