Halberstam Makes Statement, Will Receive “Compliance Training”

Halberstam Makes Statement, Will Receive “Compliance Training”

Writers Theater has concluded its investigation of incidents surrounding sexual harassment and Artistic Director Michael Halberstam. The independent investigator hired by the Writers board showed that Halberstam has made “inappropriate and insensitive comments in the workplace,” but stopped short of  “other inappropriate sexual behavior.”

Halberstam will participate in compliance training and executive coaching sessions, and released a statement saying “I understand that statements and comments I have made have caused distress and discomfort for members of our theater community. I would like to unequivocally express my sincere and deep regret. I welcome and embrace the steps that have been laid out for me by the Board as I am fully committed to addressing this behavior and to making certain that our theatre provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere for everyone.”

The allegations of harassment were spawned from a series of tweets by a former Assistant Director, Tom Robson, and in the following days, a PerformInk investigation found multiple specific incidents as well as what many described as a sexualized atmosphere at the Glencoe theater institution. Notably, the incidents Robson described included physical touching, an accusation that was sidestepped by Writers and Halberstam’s statements.

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