Hero-Focused Valiant Theatre Launches

A new theater company focused on true stories of courage, valor, and determination will begin operations in the spring. Valiant Theatre will launch with a new works festival at the end of January under the direction of Nich Radcliffe (Founding Artistic Director), David Heimann (General Manager), and M.K. Hughes (Director of Production Design).

The festival will feature six original works that tell the stories of six individuals who befit Valiant’s mission: Andrew of Capernaum, Rudy Lozano, Renée Richards, Mary Tyler Moore, Pauli Murray, and Sandra Day O’Connor. Creative teams and casting follow:

Rudy Lozano
Playwrights: Juan Castañeda & Antonio Bruno
Director: Juan Castañeda
Dramaturg/AD: Andres Coronado
Cast: Clara Byczkowski, Nate Perez, and Christian Valdivieso

Renée Richards
Playwright: Leanna Keyes
Director: Delia Kropp
Dramaturg: Ellen Wiese
Cast: Laura Fudacz, Alicia Frame, and Kyra Leigh

St. Andrew of Capernaum
Playwright: Nick Patricca
Director: David Heimann
Dramaturg: Daniel Washelesky
Cast: Elliot Carter Cruz, Calvin Smith, and Jarred Webb

Pauli Murray
Playwright: Ada Alozie
Director: Lex Turner
Dramaturg: Daniel Washelesky
Cast: Thad Anzur, Brittney Brown, and Rasheeda Denise

Sandra Day O’Connor
Playwright: Jordan Ford
Director: Lior Almagor
Dramaturg: Lindsay Phillips
Cast: LeFronce-Kenneth Barber, Shaun Hayden, and Sarah Hayes

Mary Tyler Moore
Playwright: Leah Barsanti
Director: Kristin Schoenback
Dramaturg: Ellen Wiese
Cast: Teresa Elj, Cohen Kraus, and Keenan Odenkirk

Valiant Theatre’s First Annual New Works Festival runs January 29 – February 15, 2020, at Otherworld Theatre, 3914 N. Clark Street, Chicago. Visit valianttheatre.org for tickets and more information.

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