The House has HATFIELD & McCOY Cast & Production Team

The House Theatre has announced the cast and production team for its all-new production of HATFIELD & McCOY, written by Shawn Pfautsch and directed by Matt Hawkins playing at the Chopin Theatre. Inspired by the true story of famous feuding families, and by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, the production features original songs by Pfautsch and Matt Kahler.

HATFIELD & McCOY received its world premiere at The House in 2006. This iteration features new staging and new design with additional changes to script — all workshopped this past year at the University of Chicago’s UChicago Performance Lab.

(First row, L to R) Haley Bolithon, Ann Delaney, Desmond Gray, Jenni M. Hadley and Robert Hardaway. (Second row, L to R) Khloe Janel, Anish Jethmalani, Royen Kent, Tommy Malouf and Marika Mashburn. (Third row, L to R) Jeff Mills, Tia Pinson, Cody Proctor, Collin Quinn Rice and Kyle Ryan. (Fourth row, L to R) Bradley Grant Smith, Michael E. Smith, Stacy Stoltz, Jamie Vann and Kyle Whalen.

The cast includes: Robert D. Hardaway (Devil Anse Hatfield), Marika Mashburn (Levicy Hatfield), Michael E. Smith (Jim Vance), Jeff Mills (Bad Lias Hatfield), Kyle Whalen (Johnse Hatfield), Jenni M. Hadley (Hatfield Sister), Tia Pinson (Hatfield Sister, U/S Alifair), Ann Delaney (Hatfield Sister, U/S Jenni and Tia), Anish Jethmalani (Ol Ranl McCoy), Stacy Stoltz (Sarah McCoy), Bradley Grant Smith (“Squirrel Huntin” Sam McCoy), Haley Bolithon (Rose Anna McCoy), Collin Quinn Rice (Calvin McCoy), Khloe Janel (Alifair McCoy), Cody Proctor (Asa “Harmon” McCoy), Tommy Malouf (Tolbert McCoy), Royen Kent (Pharmer McCoy), Kyle Ryan (Randolph “Bud” McCoy), Desmond Gray (Bill Staton) and Jamie Vann (Marshal Frank Phillips). Additional understudies include Adam Benjamin (U/S Devil Anse Hatfield, Ol Ranl), Tobi Mattingly (U/S Levicy, Sarah), Jacob Fjare (U/S Jim, Bad Lias, Marshal), Andy Monson (U/S Bill Stanton, Harmon, Sam, Sibling Swing) and Ethan Peterson (U/S Sibling Swing).

The production team includes: Madison Smith (assistant director), Lee Keenan (scenic/lighting designer), Ellie Terrell (associate scenic designer, props designer), Emily McConnell (costume designer), Grover Hollway (sound designer), Matt Kahler (co-composer), Katherine Scott (choreographer), Marika Mashburn (casting director) and Lauren Baston (stage manager). Musicians include Matthew Muñiz (Music Director/Keyboard), Jake Saleh (Upright Bass), and Jess McIntosh (Fiddle).

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