Idle Muse Announces GIRL FOUND Cast and Crew

Idle Muse Announces GIRL FOUND Cast and Crew

Pictured: Clara Byczkowski

Idle Muse Theatre Company has announced the cast and crew for the world premiere of GIRL FOUND, written by Barbara Lhota and directed by Alison Dornheggen.

The cast features Clara Byczkowski, “Sophie;” Katherine Swan, “Ellie;” Tricia Rogers, “Eva;” Whitney Dottery, “Yasmen/others;” Sara Robinson, “Sam Ryan/others;” James Mercer, “Noah,” and Kathrynne Wolf, “Dr. Martha Cole.”

Pictured: cast, playwright, and director of GIRL FOUND

The production team includes Kyle Bricker (stage manager), Shellie DiSalvo (production manager), Sarah Lewis (scenic design), Joshua Allard (costume design), L.J. Luthringer (sound and music design), Laura Wiley (technical director/lighting and projections design), Jamie Karas (property design), and Michael Maddox (master carpenter).

From the press release: “Inspired by true-life events, Girl Found explores how perceptions can be distorted in the desperate, primal pursuit of love. A seventeen-year-old girl who, six years earlier, went missing resurfaces in a youth shelter in Canada, with no memory of where she’s been. Soon she begins to recall some facts including a name, “Sophie Sobin.” and is desperate to get her former life back. Her troubled mother, Eva, and her Aunt Ellie welcome her home, but Sophie and her faulty memories make this transition difficult. Sophie’s return restores some hope and new life to her damaged family, but chaotic past events begin to bubble beneath the surface.”

GIRL FOUND runs May 17 – June 10, at The Edge Theater, 5451 N. Broadway St. For more information visit

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