LEARNING CURVE Sells Out in Record Time and Extends

LEARNING CURVE Sells Out in Record Time and Extends

After selling out their entire month-long run of LEARNING CURVE the day tickets went on sale, Albany Park Theater Project and Third Rail Projects, in partnership with Goodman Theatre, are extending the world-premiere immersive theater production, LEARNING CURVE, through October 15.

Performances begin July 27 and continue through August 28. After a short end-of-summer break for the show’s 31 teen cast members, LEARNING CURVE will return for another month-long run from September 16 through October 15.

Performed and devised by a cast of 31 youth artists, LEARNING CURVE has been in development for two years, in collaboration with an expansive team composed of career artists from Albany Park Theater Project and Third Rail Projects. LEARNING CURVE will have a maximum capacity of 40 audience members.

“We are humbled and invigorated to know that people feel the theater Albany Park Theater Project makes is vital to their lives and to Chicago,” said APTP Artistic Director David Feiner. “A long run like this poses unique challenges when almost every cast member is a full-time high school student. But LEARNING CURVE is a deeply personal show for our youth artists, and it is especially timely with Chicago’s school budget crisis, the impasse in Springfield, and the real possibility that our schools may not open in the fall. They are committed to giving as many audiences as possible the opportunity to experience LEARNING CURVE and the stories of Chicago’s students and teachers.”

LEARNING CURVE is performed at Ellen Gates Starr High School (3640 West Wolfram Street, Chicago). For more information visit aptpchicago.org

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