Line-Up Announced for Chicago Theatre Marathon

Line-Up Announced for Chicago Theatre Marathon

Pictured: Playwright Riley Mondragon

The Chicago Theatre Marathon, a weekend-long, new work marathon event celebrating the diversity of Chicagoland theater artists, has announced its lineup and theme.

Titled “I Am Indomitable,” the marathon will focus on acknowledging the variety of identity, characteristics and categories that make individuals unique, including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or gender expression, socio-economic status, age, physical, mental and learning abilities, religious beliefs and political views.

This curated series will provide a platform to recognize the uniqueness of individuals, populations, groups and their experiences while cultivating a sense of commonality and shared goals for our community. The works will be performed in the black box and lobby spaces of Strawdog Theatre Company.

Current Schedule (from the press release and subject to change):

A Surface is Only as Hard as its Pores, written and directed by Alejandro Toledo Acierto (Friday at 8:15 PM and Saturday at 2:15 PM, 30 minutes)
ABCD, written by Rukmini Girish (Friday at 8:45 PM and Sunday at 8:15 PM, 30 minutes)
adopted, written and performed by Amanda Dunne Acevedo, directed by Lexi Saunders (Saturday at 11:15 PM, 30 minutes)
An Interview with Freddie Mercury, written by Cassandra Rose, directed by Aaron Arbiter (Friday night at 12:00 AM, 30 minutes)
Eckhart Park Echoes, written by Nancy Garcia Loza (Saturday at 5:00 PM, 60 minutes)
Escape Velocity, written by Debbie Baños, directed by Esteban Arévalo Ibáñez (Saturday night at 12:00 AM, 30 minutes)
Face Value, written by Priya Mohanty (Saturday at 10:00 PM, 15 minutes)
How to Solve a Problem Like Maria, written by Amanda Raquel Martinez, directed by Anna Trachtman (Saturday at 4:15 PM and Sunday at 4:30 PM, 30 minutes)
In Case We Die, written by Margaret Bridges, directed by Peter G. Andersen (Sunday at 1:00 PM, 30 minutes)
In Service of Venus, written by Anna Charlotte Wilcoxen, directed by Jason Hedrick (Friday at 11:00 PM, 45 minutes)
Labor Day Weekend, written by Osiris Khepera (Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 5:15 PM, 30 minutes)
The Lizards, written by CJ Byrd (Sunday at 9:00 PM, 45 minutes)
Long Canoe, written by Fin Coe, directed by Emma Couling (Sunday at 2:15 PM, 45 minutes)
Marlowe Unstuck, written and directed by Jeff Bouthiette (Saturday at 1:00 PM, 60 minutes)
No Hay Mal, written by Lily Be (Saturday at 6:45 PM, 60 minutes)
OMG! Coloring Books and Space Shrooms, written by Kevin Sparrow (Saturday night at 12:00 AM, 30 minutes)
One Day at a Time, written by Noelle Thalia Hedges-Goettl (Saturday at 2:15 PM and Sunday at 6:30 PM, 60 minutes)
Shade, written by Molly E Pease (Friday night at 12:00 AM and Sunday at 5:15 PM, 30 minutes)
Shelter in Place, written by Corey Chan (Sunday at 7:45 PM, 15 minutes)
Shoom Ka, written by Mike Danovich, directed by Mike Danovich and Lily Jean (Sunday at 10:00 AM, 45 minutes)
Special DeliverY, written and directed by Gaby Labotka (Sunday at 1:00 PM, 30 minutes)
Terrible Light, written by Sam Collier, directed by Alex Mallory (Friday at 7:00 PM, 30 miutes)
That Last Night, written by Riley Mondragon, directed by Iris Sowlat (Friday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 7:45 PM, 15 minutes)
That Unnamed Feeling, written by Alysia and Monty Cole (Friday at 9:30 PM, 45 minutes)
There’s Air In Our Lungs!, written and directed by Chris Zdenek (Friday at 10:30 PM, 15 minutes)
Tin Noses, written by Sarah Bowden, directed by Foss Baldwin (Sunday at 11:00 AM, 90 minutes)
When We Were Fly, written and directed by Aaron Holland (Saturday at 10:00 PM, 60 minutes)

The production team for The Chicago Theatre Marathon includes Peter Anderson (Programming Curator), Emma Couling (Lead Programming Curator), Andrew Ganem (Marketing Coordinator), Gaby Labotka (Lead Programming Curator), Emma Maclean (Access Coordinator), Cait Manning (Company Manager), Ryan Oliveira (Programming Curator), Rob Onorato (Performance Manager), Cassandra Rose (Artistic Director), Grace Schwartzenberger (Performance Manager), Arianna Soloway (Development and Partnership Coordinator), Jesse Swanson (Performance Manager), Anna Trachtman (Managing Director) and Emily Wills (Front of House Manager).

The Chicago Theatre Marathon: I Am Indomitable runs July 21st – July 23rd at Strawdog Theatre Compay, 1802 W. Berenice Avenue, Chicago IL 60613.
For more information, including full schedule and pass tickets, visit

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