NYC and SF TOO MUCH LIGHT Close, Neos Collaborate on Replacement

NYC and SF TOO MUCH LIGHT Close, Neos Collaborate on Replacement

The Neo-Futurists companies in Chicago, New York and San Francisco announced today a collaboration on a new late-night show, which will debut at each location next month. The production replaces Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, the show the ensembles have performed non-stop for 28, 12 and three years, respectively. Performances of the show will follow each company’s regular late-night schedule, while experimenting with Neo-Futurist forms in a three-company joint effort.

“We’re excited  to move forward with our sister companies in San Francisco and Chicago. Our companies have increasingly shared tours and exchanges within Too Much Light, and in this collaborative spirit, our Ensemble is thrilled to forge ahead with Neo-Futurists all over the country,” says New York Neo-Futurists Board President Bradley Rolston.

Ensemble members in Chicago, New York and San Francisco have begun to work with one another on the new title and other exciting changes.                 

“The foundation of our work is continuous creation, rigorous experimentation, and replacement. It’s exciting for the ensemble to continue evolving the form alongside our sibling companies on a national scale. We will continue to invite audiences into our lives and encourage them to interrogate the world around them,” added San Francisco Neo-Futurists Artistic Director Adam Smith. “We’re looking forward to sharing our late night work as well as continuing to build upon our other outreach programs in the new year.”

This announcement comes after the November 30 release that the trademark license for Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at the Chicago company—where the production premiered 28 years ago—would not be renewed by Neo founder and Too Much Light creator Greg Allen. A rift between the company and its founder has been brewing for years, and finally came to a head with ensemble members citing abuse at the hands of Allen.

“As our three companies continue to exchange ideas and keep a critical eye to our mission and aesthetic, our work becomes more relevant. We are a movement of artists that experiment, take risks, and tell true stories—and we couldn’t be more honored to be with New York and San Francisco as we endeavor to keep doing just that,” says Chicago Neo-Futurists Artistic Director Kurt Chiang.

Each company will maintain its regularly scheduled performances of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind in December. The three-company collaboration launches within each organization’s regularly scheduled late-night slot in January 2017.


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