Plagiarists Set SOME LIKE IT RED Cast & Crew

Plagiarists Set SOME LIKE IT RED Cast & Crew

Pictured: Julia Stemper. Photo by Joe Mazza/Brave Lux.

The Plagiarists have announced the cast and production team for SOME LIKE IT RED, a world premiere penned by Artistic Director Gregory Peters, and directed by Jack Dugan Carpenter.

“Take Some Like It Hot and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, crush them under the boot-heel of the totalitarian state; add 80’s songs, corny jokes, and explosions (of both the romantic and the literal kind) and you’ll start to get the flavor of our spring confection,” says the press release. “Another shipwreck off the coast of Illyria brings ashore a fresh batch of castaways in need of disguises. Except it’s 1985, and the land once known as Illyria is now the Albanian People’s Republic, so when a 3-woman cruise ship ensemble washes up and witnesses the secret police in action, they must disguise themselves to survive.”

The cast features Jessica Saxvik, Christina Casano, Sara Jean McCarthy, Tony Kaehny, Stephen McClure, Bryan Breau, Derik Marcussen, Julia Stemper, Elaine Small, and Bill Daniel. The production team includes Assistant Director Samantha Decker, Stage Manager Becky Bishop, Production Managers Emma Cullimore and Gregory Peters, Costume Designer Emma Cullimore, Sound Designer Isaac Mandel, Set Designer Pauline Oleksy, Lighting Designer John Jacobsen, and Violence Consultant Tristan Hall.

“I wanted to do something that celebrated what I love about our company: our sense of humor, our ensemble, our feminist leanings, our love of history and language, and, of course, stealing a bunch of good stuff then mixing it all up together,” said Peters. “The result is a fizzy concoction that requires no real knowledge of Albania, Shakespeare, or Billy Wilder to enjoy, but rewards it handsomely.”

SOME LIKE IT RED will run February 15th through March 17th at the Berger Park Coach House. More info at


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