Red Orchid Announces “33 to Nothing” Cast

Red Orchid Announces “33 to Nothing” Cast

Pictured: Steve Haggard

A Red Orchid Theatre has announced the cast for “33 to Nothing” by Grant James Varjas, directed by Tyrone Phillips with music direction by John Cicora.

The production features Ensemble Member Steve Haggard (Bri) with Aaron Holland (Gray), Jeff Kurysz (Barry), Amanda Raquel Martinez (Taylor) and Annie Prichard (Alex).

From the press release: “Taking place during a real-time band practice, 33 to Nothing is a play that rocks hard and breaks hearts. Feeling the incessant call of adulthood, individuals begin to question their role in the ensemble. Ultimately begging the question: to break up or to build stronger? An anthem of forgiveness, loyalty and resilience when your world is being torn by the seams.”

33 to Nothing runs April 6 – May 27, 2018 at A Red Orchid Theatre, 1531 N Wells in Chicago. For more information visit

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