Silent Theatre Partners with Ode on Theatrical Multimedia Event

Silent Theatre Partners with Ode on Theatrical Multimedia Event

Silent Theatre Company has announced they will team with indie rock group Ode to present a theatrical multimedia event to celebrate Ode’s album release of HOTEL BRISTOL.

Collaborating with filmmakers, projection mappers, actors, and dancers to create a visual narrative to the music, Silent Theatre will create a post-apocalyptic hotel that brings life to Ode’s album in a two-night event at Hairpin Arts Center.

Crossing paths since 2008, Silent Theatre featured Ode in the recent production of THE SEVEN SECRET PLAYS OF MADAM CAPRICE, and during Silent Theatre’s 5-year occupation of the space Hq, Artistic Director Tonika Todorova says “Ode performed and introduced us to original music that resonated with us, and HOTEL BRISTOL strikes the same chord. We are thrilled to be a part of their premiere.”

The creative team for Ode includes band members Robert Palos, Davor Palos, Nikola Dokić, Elliot Taggart, and Daniel Crane, along with Ana Munteanu, and Gray Jimenez.

In addition to Todorova, the creative team for Silent Theatre Company includes Flora Mae, Kyla Webb, Aimee Mitchell, and Alžan Pelesić.

When asked to describe the two-night event, Todorova says HOTEL BRISTOL is “a post-apocalyptic hotel. Half destroyed and rebuilt and repopulated. A cast of folks who have found themselves there about. The furnishings that make up what used to be a grand foyer now decay in a mish-mash of broken shards of dream: Lucille’s identity woven in the tapestry of a lazy boy, a church pew under a street lamp, a sole window with a snowy view, a house band sleep-singing. A montage of countless moments of countless memories, real and imagined, countless realizations of lucid dreaming and joyful rages.”

All which perfectly compliments Ode’s sound, a sound that, according to the press release, specializes in combining elements of Balkan Folk Music with hints of Dark Americana and World Punk. With influences ranging from Nick Cave to Alice and Chains, Ode has created a sound all their own and impossible to bookshelf. Ballad Rock, Stadium Rock, Punk, Funk, Grunge, and Jazz infusions woven and interwoven creating something new and something wild.

Ode’s HOTEL BRISTOL, a theatrical multi-media event runs May 26th and 27th at the Hairpin Arts Center in Wicker Park. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at To check out Ode’s music beforehand, download a free copy of HOTEL BRISTOL here:


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