Erica Daniels Out at Second City, Fourth Actor Departs e.t.c. Revue

Erica Daniels Out at Second City, Fourth Actor Departs e.t.c. Revue

Update 10/14/16 – 6:23PM — PerformInk spoke briefly with actor Aasia LaShay Bullock, one of the original three to leave the e.t.c. revue, who says “I left because there were many areas in which I felt Second City fell short in being an inclusive environment for actors of color.”  Actor Peter Kim—who was the fourth to leave the show—in an interview with CBS Chicago cited difficulties with audiences as his reason for leaving, but we’re hearing many stories of continued problems between actors and staff. “It is refreshing to know they are taking our concerns seriously and moving in a positive direction,” Bullock added.

Update 10/14/16 – 11:45AM — The Chicago Tribune is now reporting Michael Gart, Second City’s chief financial officer, has also left the company. David Quinn, who had been controller, is to be the new CFO.

Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reported on changes at The Second City, announcing Steve Johnson as the new head of the company, and Bob Knuth as Creative Director of Marketing and Brand. Tyler Alexander, son of owner Andrew Alexander, would take a sabbatical from a “senior creative position.” There was also news of that three actors had departed the e.t.c. revue A RED LINE RUNS THROUGH IT, citing backstage disputes.

PerformInk has confirmed through multiple sources that Erica Daniels, president of live theatricals, departed the company Wednesday. Daniels joined Second City in the spring of 2015, leaving her role as associate artistic director for 14 years at Steppenwolf behind.

We’re also told that now a fourth actor, Peter Kim, has left A RED LINE RUNS THROUGH IT. An email was sent company-wide reminding employees of the diversity and inclusion policy following the incidents with the actors.

One source indicated continued instances of harassment, as well as disagreements over programming decisions as major pressure points within the company. This all falls as the organization has tried to make improvements in employee safety in the wake of allegations of abuse that have been recently exposed across the Chicago comedy community.

A spokesperson for Second City declined to comment.


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