Spiel Chicago Episode 11: Kara Tesch

Spiel Chicago Episode 11: Kara Tesch

This week, Smyra talks with longtime friend and talented costume craftsperson, Kara Tesch. Kara studied costume design and technology at Florida State University. After graduation, she went to grad school and worked at a number of regional and summer theaters, but when she moved across the country to work at The Shakespeare Company in DC, she realized that there was an alternative to costume design which interested her even more.  We talk about this career shift as well as the reason for her move to Chicago and some of the strangest things she’s had to craft in her career.

To learn more about Kara, you can check out her website.  

Discussed in this Episode:

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Smyra Yawn

Since 2011 Smyra Yawn has worked as a stage manager, production manager, business manager and teacher in Chicago. She enjoys also coffee and gardening.

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