Spiel Chicago Episode Fourteen: Erica Vannon

Spiel Chicago Episode Fourteen: Erica Vannon

Pictured: Erica Vannon

Director Erica Vannon is drawn to the kind of work that makes you “giggle into a bit of horror.”  Or stand up and scream like you’re at a football game.  Or cry (a lot if you’re the host of this podcast).  She produces the impossible, like a devised opera performed in a hotel room or a 3 minute dance piece with 47 performers.

Host Smyra Yawn sat down with Erica and talked to her about her previous work, how she ends up working with so many wonderful women, and her upcoming project, GENDER BREAKDOWN opening at Collaboraction February 16th.

Discussed in this episode:

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Smyra Yawn

Since 2011 Smyra Yawn has worked as a stage manager, production manager, business manager and teacher in Chicago. She enjoys also coffee and gardening.