Spiel Chicago Episode Ten: Iris Sowlat

Spiel Chicago Episode Ten: Iris Sowlat

Pictured: Iris Sowlat.

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Spiel Chicago Episode Ten: Iris Sowlat

The only question for which Iris Sowlat didn’t have a detailed answer was, “what do you do in your free time?”  Iris is the definition of hustle and in the short time she’s been in Chicago, she worked or interned with Steppenwolf Theatre, American Theatre Company, Stage Left Theatre, Pride Films and Plays and About Face Theatre and more.  She is a director who has worked frequently as an AD, but also produced her own work.  In this episode we talk about her attraction to socially aware and political theatre, as well as an incredibly important upcoming project, After Orlando: A Night of Readings addresses the aftermath of the Pulse night club shooting this past June.


In this episode, we discussed:

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