Spiel Chicago Episode Three: Eileen Tull

Spiel Chicago Episode Three: Eileen Tull


Eileen Tull 

Welcome to Spiel Chicago, the podcast taking you behind the scenes of storefront theatre in Chicago.  My name is Smyra Yawn and my guest this week is Eileen Tull, comedian, writer, solo performer, and producer.  I spoke with Eileen after I saw her latest one-woman show Bad Dates, Or What Killed That Monkey In Indiana Jones Will Only Make You Stronger.  She talked about some of her favorite spaces for women in Chicago.  She also opened up about her biggest fears (it’s not being naked on stage–she’s done that) and how real vulnerability seems to be in short supply these days.  She’s also got some top-notch advice for aspiring artists, especially those looking to work outside the mold of traditional theatre.


Learn more about Sappho’s Salon, the monthly show Eileen produces at Women and Children First BookstoreAlso check out Beast Women and Loose Chicks, two more fierce and bold female-centric performance events where Eileen has performed. Follow Eileen on Twitter @tullie23 to see where else you can find her around town!  And because she’s great at Twitter.

If you have any questions, comments or rants, you can find us @SpielChicago.  Do you know someone doing great work in the city that you think should be celebrated?  Email us at [email protected].  See you at the theatre!

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