Steppenwolf Rebrands Visual Presence

Steppenwolf Rebrands Visual Presence

Photo by Joel Moorman

Steppenwolf Theatre Company has implemented a rebrand of its visual presence for the start of the 2017/18 season. The new aesthetic is the work of marketing, design, and concept agency Grip. Kevin McConkey, Grip’s co-founder and president said that “when thinking about Steppenwolf’s place in the community, we realized they are about creating conversations. Our work reflects the bold approach Steppenwolf takes in theatre, leading the nation in conversations about what Americans and our communities find true and relevant, today and tomorrow.”

Photos by Joel Moorman

“Anna Shapiro and I opened Front Bar: Coffee & Drinks and the new 1700 Theatre last year with the goal of elevating the full theatre experience,” said Executive Director David Schmitz.  This desire is echoed in our expanded programming, which has allowed more opportunities to share a wider array of stories that reflect the diversity of our great city. Grip has been an innovative partner in our growth and expansion, and with this rebrand they have captured the essence of the moment we’re in and the future we see.”

The Steppenwolf name, in deconstructed typography, is accompanied by the new tagline “find yourself here” on the marquee and the new streetlamp banners. Key art for upcoming productions has a collaged flat-design feel.

THE CRUCIBLE key art, designed by David Masnato

THE REMBRANDT key art, designed by Donovan Foote

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