Strawdog Has Its THE REVOLUTIONISTS Cast and Design Team

Strawdog Theatre Company has announced the cast and design team for THE REVOLUTIONISTS by Lauren M. Gunderson.

Directed by Denise Yvette Serna, the production features ensemble members Kamille Dawkins, Sarah Goeden and Kat McDonnell with Izis Mollinedo.

Pictured (left to right): Kamille Dawkins, Sarah Goeden, Kat McDonnell, and Izis Mollinedo.

The production team includes ensemble member Claire Chrzan (lighting design) with Alex Casillas (scenic design), Leah Hummel (costume design), Spencer Meeks (sound design), Danielle Myerscough (props design), Jess Haworth (assistant director), Shelbi Ardnt (master electrician), Rachel Rauscher (charge painter), and Lauren Brady (stage manager).

THE REVOLUTIONISTS tells the story of four women who made history during the French Revolution: playwright Olympe de Gouge attempts to write something politically meaningful for which she will be remembered. Charlotte Corday plots to assassinate one of the Revolution’s most evil participants. Deposed Queen Marie Antoinette grapples with her recent losses. Marianne Angelle, free woman of color and Caribbean spy, fights to expand the nation’s notion of liberty to include women of color. When Lauren Gunderson puts these four women in the same room, questions arise about art’s ability to make meaningful change, whether violence is ever the right course of action and what on earth a woman’s role can be in the midst of the madness.

THE REVOLUTIONISTS will play November 15 – December 29 at Strawdog’s new home at 1802 W. Berenice Ave. in Chicago. For more information visit


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