Trans Voices Cabaret CHI Announces Cast and Design Team for Winter Cabaret

Trans Voices Cabaret CHI has announced the cast and design team for their second cabaret.

In partnership with the NYC show, Trans Voices Cabaret, TVCChi functions as a cabaret-showcase hybrid giving trans and gender-nonconforming performers their first home in the Chicago Musical Theatre scene.

This cast includes Ty Easley (they/them), Rae Hamilton-Vargo (they/them), Lee Hanten (he/him), Rae Madrid (they/them), Jerome Riley Jr. (any pronouns accepted), Parker Guidry (they/them or any pronouns used with respect), Garnet Williams (veh/vir), and Lindsey Weiss (they/them), Charlie Baker (they/them), North Rory Homeward (he/him), Kyra Leigh (she/her), Ricki Pettinato (she/her), Larry D. Trice II (they/them), and Wil Whedbee (they/them). Lars Ebsworth (ze/zir) will be reprising zir role as the emcee.

Pictured: Ensemble of Trans Voices Cabaret CHI’s Winter Cabaret. 

The production team includes Shain Longbehn (he/him) and Kyra Leigh (she/her) as the vocal coaches, Kyra Leigh as the pianist, Molly Weaver (they/them) as the stage manager, and Lars Ebsworth as the producer.

Trans Voices Cabaret CHI runs 12/03/2018 at Stage 773. For more information visit

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