Trap Door Announces “The Killer” Cast and Designers

Trap Door Theatre has announced the cast and design team for Eugene Ionesco’s “The Killer,” translated by Donald Watson, and directed by Mike Steele.

The production features Dennis Bisto, Michael Mejia, Kevin Webb, Holly Cerney, Abby Blankenship, Keith Surney, Logan Hulick, and Laura Nelson.

Pictured: The cast of “The Killer”

The designers include Set Designer Nicholas Schwartz, Costume Designer Rachel Sypniewski, Makeup Designer Zsofia Otvos, Sound Designers Matt Test and Sam Clapp, Lighting Designer Richard Norwood, Choreographer Jesse Hoisington, Graphic Designer Michal Janicki, Dramaturg David Lovejoy, and Assistant Director Skye Fort.

A conscientious citizen finds himself in a radiantly beautiful city. There is only one problem in Utopia – it is marred by the presence of an unknown and relentless killer.

“The Killer” runs May 30 – July 6. For more information visit

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