Tympanic Theatre Closes after 10 Years

After 10 seasons, Tympanic Theatre Company is closing. “We realized during our current run of WAITING FOR GODOT that, as a company, our members are all moving on to other equally terrific things in life and the time for Tympanic to end has come,” the press release said.

The company produced 17 full-length plays, mostly new works, and seven short-play festivals. Tympanic embodied a philosophy of “The Best Kind of Weird,” with an emphasis on the fantastical and absurd.

The company was also known for “live-album” festivals—a night of short plays based around a rock record. Each play was inspired by a different song on the album in question, then performed in an order that corresponded to the track listing, with live musical interludes in between.

Artistic Director Christopher Acevedo says: “We would have loved to go into our tenth season knowing it was our last. But it’s rare that anything ends perfectly in the world of theater, from the plays themselves to the companies that produced them. So many of our friends, including The Ruckus, Oracle, and others, have concluded for the same reason we are: It’s simply time to move on to the next thing. We can, however, hold our heads up, and proudly look back at all the artists we’ve worked with, and work we’ve created, and cherish the relationships formed.”

The canceled final show of the season was slated to be another live-album festival centered around The Beatles’ White Album. Instead, the company will close after the planned end of WAITING FOR GODOT’s run on March 12th.


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