Visión Has Its JUST LIKE US Cast

Visión Has Its JUST LIKE US Cast

Pictured: Vanessa Garcia 

Visión Latino Theatre has announced casting for their season opener JUST LIKE US by Karen Zacarías based on the book by Helen Thorpe.

Directed by Artistic Director Xavier Custodio, the production features Jessica Goforth (Helen Thorpe), Rebecca Escobedo (Marisela), Vanessa Garcia (Yadira), Elyssa Treviño (Clara), Jocelyn Sanchez (Elissa/Zulema), Dago Soto (Fabian, Tom Tancredo, Recruiter, Cezar Mesquita, Carlos, Federico Peña, Cop, and Ensemble), Ana Santos (Josefa, Mrs. Smith, Carol Vizzi, and Lisa Martinez), Flavia Pallozzi (Yolanda, Ana, Cynthia Poundstone, Lucy, and Business Woman, and Dylan Cruz (Julio, Ramiro, Mike McGarry, and Ensemble).

JUST LIKE US runs February 24th – March 12th. For more information visit

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