Visión Latino Announces “In the Heights” Cast and Designers

Visión Latino Theatre Company has announced the cast for its production of “In the Heights,” directed by Artistic Director Xavier Custudio.

A co-production with Jedlika Performing Arts Center, the cast includes Arik Vega (Usnavi), Jocelyn Sanchez (Nina Rosario), Johnny Garcia (Kevin Rosario), Ana Santos-Sanchez (Camila Rosario), Michael Fosha (Benny), Andreece Nikudinovski (Vanessa), Joshua Zambrano (Sonny), Yolanda Treece (Abuela Claudia), Yajaira Custodio (Daniela), Daniela Martinez (Carla), Maria Blanco (Graffiti Pete), and Santos DeNova (Piragua Guy), with ensemble members Victor Manuel Lopez, Gabriella Fernandez, Amy Delgado, Timothy Avant, Aiszah Maria Rangel, Wesly Anthony Clerge, Morgan Montesions, and Amara Gonzalez.

Pictured: Principal cast members of “In the Heights.”

The creative team features Yariana Baralt Torres, Choreographer; Michael Gibson, Music Director, Samantha Nieves, Production Manager of Jedlicka; Flavia Pallozzi, Assistant Director; Lauren Davis, Stage Manager; Nicholas James Schwartz, Scenic Designer/Technical Director; Elle Erickson, Costume Designer; Benjamin Carne, Lighting Designer; and Robert Hornbostel, Sound Designer/Sound Engineer.

In The Heights runs from October 5 – October 27 at The Jedlicka Performing Arts Center at 3801 S. Central Ave. Cicero, Il.

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