Babes With Blades Announce THE LADY DEMANDS SATISFACTION Cast and Staff

Babes With Blades Announce THE LADY DEMANDS SATISFACTION Cast and Staff

Megan Schemmel, Ari Kraiman, and Amanda Forman | Steve Townshend

Babes With Blades Theatre Company has announced the cast and production team for “The Lady Demands Satisfaction,” playing at City Lit Theater July 21 – August 25. Developed through the company’s Fighting Words Program, the play is written by Arthur M. Jolly, and is centered around a young maiden who learns that she will forfiet her inheritance to anyone who may best her in a duel.

The production is directed by Morgan Manasa with combat by Violence Designer Samantha Kaufman. The cast features: Kate Booth, “Penelope;” Felipe Carrasco “Osric;” Linsey Falls, “Abernathy;” Amanda Forman, “Luitger;” Ari Kraiman, “Tilly;” Deanalis Resto, “Trothe;” Megan Schemmel, “Theodosia;” with Kim Fukawa, Jennifer Mohr and Bobby Hoffman as understudies. The production team includes Samantha Barr, production manager; Bec Bartle, lighting designer; Lauren Brady, assistant stage manager; Carlie Casas, costume designer; Kenya Hall, dramaturg; Carrie Hardin, dialect coach; Stefanie Johnsen, prop designer; Chaz Mathieu, set designer, Kayla Menz, stage manager and Becca Venable, sound designer and technical director.

“Heading into our 21st season, we’re so pleased to be bringing our third world premiere by Arthur Jolly to the stage,” said Co-Artistic Directors Kathrynne Wolf and Elyse Dawson. “This period farce features 18th-century women after our own hearts: taking charge of their destiny while subverting societal ideas of what it means to be female. The show honors our roots with numerous fights in a variety of styles, including robust and silly swordplay, all perfectly in sync with our mission of placing women center stage.”

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