Strawdog to Receive Special Jeff Award

Strawdog to Receive Special Jeff Award

Photo: The Strawdog Ensemble. (Top row, left to right) Paul Fagen, Shannon Hoag, Nicole Bloomsmith, Anderson Lawfer, Becca Levy, Terry Bell, Scott Danielson, Sarah Goeden, Sam Hubbard, (second row) Mike Dailey, Kamille Dawkins, *Aly Greaves Amidei, Michaela Petro, John Henry Roberts, John Ferrick, Jamie Vann, Heath Hays, Hank Boland, (bottom row) Carmine Grisolia, Claire Chrzan, Elly Green, Gage Wallace, *Daniella Pereira, John Kelly, Kat McDonnell, *Justine C. Turner, Michael Reyes. Not pictured: Kyle Hammon, Janice O’Neill (Photos by Jon Cole Media unless noted with *)

The Jeff Awards announced today that Strawdog Theatre Company will be presented with a special award at the upcoming Non-Equity Wing ceremony for “30 years of collaboration as an innovative and provocative ensemble.”

Strawdog presented their first production, “Five of Us,” in 1988 while working out of the Shakespeare Street Theater. The Ensemble, which has comprised of 140 members over the years, went on to produce many other memorable productions, including Burn This (1996), Hurlyburly (1999), Detective Story (2004), Marathon ’33 (2007), Red Noses (2010), Great Expectations (2014) and last year’s “Barbecue” as a visiting company at Steppenwolf. The company has presented 31 world premiers in its time, mostly up the steep staircase at 3829 N Broadway. Strawdog recenty opened a new venue, at 1802 W Berenice (previously occupied by Signal Ensemble and Oracle Productions), after their long-time spot in the Lakeview East rental building was demolished.

“Strawdog has been dedicated to its mission of bringing audiences ‘the whole wide world in a little black box,'”said the press release, “and is known for its enduring theatrical history.  As described by the Ensemble itself, ‘When the Earth is destroyed by plague, war and famine there will still be cockroaches, Twinkies and Strawdog Theatre Company.'”

The 45th Annual Non–Equity Jeff Awards will be held on Monday, June 11, 2018, at the Athenaeum Theatre, hosted by Veronica Garza.

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